LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads are perfect for businesses and individuals who sell B2B products and services or specialise in services that are of value to working professionals. There are over 20 million LinkedIn users in the UK which is almost 60% of the UK’s student and professional population and they are there to network, make business contacts, find a new career or better their existing career or business.

Similar to Facebook Advertising, LinkedIn is not driven by keywords and search like Google AdWords but based on the unique information it holds on businesses and professionals such; Company Size, Job Title, Industry and Location.

We help businesses determine who their current customers and demographics are so we can create a strategy and campaign that targets their types of businesses and professionals through the LinkedIn platform. But, LinkedIn isn’t just about creating the right target audience, your ads and offering need to be compelling in order for conversions to take place. In most cases businesses and professionals react better to LinkedIn Ads when a special offer or free whitepaper is given in exchange for their details.

At biddible. we can help you create the right strategy and engaging content to encourage potential customers to interact with your business on LinkedIn.

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