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There are an estimated 1.71 billion active Facebook users in the UK alone and with 66% of them visiting Facebook everyday there are more people on Facebook, on more devices and more often than anywhere else online. Whilst these people may not be actively looking for your brands or products in that exact moment. With the right strategy we can remind them what they were just looking for, is right in front of them.

Facebook Ads don’t just drive conversions through your website, they help you to directly engage with your customers and further build and establish your brand online. They have a powerful suite of marketing tools that can put you in front of the right customers at the right time.

Similar to all of our Biddable Media channels, there is no ambiguity in reporting on the success of Facebook Paid Search. Their solutions provide you with the opportunity to create a profitable social channel with the potential to scale up.


Facebook Remarketing enables you to track your website visitors across devices on the Facebook platform in a similar way to Google AdWords. You can choose to segment audience lists to be highly detailed or just target every visitor.


Facebook Demographics are one of the most powerful targeting methods, providing us with the ability to target standard demographics in addition to socio-demographics and geolocations. Amongst these targeting options are: Age, Gender, Location, Relationship, Education, Work, Ethnic Affinity, Generation, Parental Status, Life Events and Behaviours.


Facebook Product Ads are a powerful new tool that enables you to advertise your entire product catalogue to Facebook users using any of Facebooks targeting methods including Remarketing, Demographics and many more Custom Audiences. Similar to Google Product Ads, stock availability is automated and whilst this is a new area of Facebook advertising, the results so far have been nothing short of astonishing

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