Social Paid Advertising

Social Paid Advertising

Social Media is so much more than just trying to build an audience through engagement. In this ever increasingly competitive market the biddable media tools we have at our disposal within Social Media are becoming an essential part of the overall digital marketing mix. It now plays a large part in everyday life for a large proportion of the global community with billions of active users over a number of prominent channels.

Whether you are trying to promote your business through Facebook to drive sales through your website, using YouTube to launch a new product or you are using LinkedIn to support your B2B sales strategy it is important to consider Social Paid Advertising when constructing your digital marketing strategy. In addition to helping you achieve your business objectives, it is also a useful tool for creating a competitive edge – and seeing what your competitors are doing too!

Social Media is perfectly placed to complement your overall search strategy through smart engagement techniques that encourage people to interact with your business and website. Users who are exposed to a brand’s social media content are nearly three times more likely to search for that brand of product. In addition to that, those users who have been exposed to your social media ads are 50% more likely to click on your ads, increasing the Click through Rate and Quality Score of your Pay per Click campaigns.

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