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At biddible. we create outstanding Google Display Remarketing and Remarketing Lists for Search Ads campaigns and we continue to innovate when it comes to Google Search Remarketing (RSLA). We understand the power of staying front of your potential customers throughout their entire search journey and staying ahead of your competitors! We research your products and services, returning customers, your key demographics and locations committing to purpose to gather the most comprehensive data set possible. Our RLSA campaigns ensure we focus on staying on front of the right people at the right time and bringing them to your website in order to create conversions.

When it comes to RLSAs, we get the opportunity to become a little more creative with how we create the ad copy, the keywords we choose to target, the sections of your website content we factor into our strategy and the customer audiences we build to ensure we weed out the perennial ‘window shoppers’ from those who are actively ‘looking to buy’. By using RLSA you are able to customise your ads for those who have previously visited the site which will increase the chance of a conversion. It will also allow you to tailor ads to those who have visited the site but did not stay or purchase, giving you much more control over your site conversions.

A well-built RLSA campaign provides you with the ability to drive qualified, interested and engaged traffic back to your website which has a far higher chance of converting.

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