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Google Shopping

For many ecommerce clients, Google Shopping or Product Listing Ads (PLA’s) as they are now known, have become the major focus of their Pay per Click Campaigns, driving the vast majority of sales. But for many, they don’t know how much of their budget is being wasted on products, brands or categories that are not converting for them.

We use our experience and knowledge of getting the most out of PLA’s by creating the perfect structure for your shopping campaigns, from here we can apply our bespoke optimisations that increase sales by reducing the potential for wasted budgets.

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Optimising Product Listing Ads can’t just be done from inside AdWords, we spend extensive time within your Google Merchant Centre eradicating issues and warnings as well as working with you to continually improve your feed to ensure you appear for the right search terms, in the right auctions at the right time.

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