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PPC Management

We’re very proud of the PPC work we do and the results we deliver, and whilst we provide first class AdWords management, we also deliver amazing results on Bing & Yahoo, Facebook and LinkedIn. We specialise in integrating cross platform strategies that work together to provide outstanding results.

When it comes to working with us, you’ll find that we don’t believe in middle men, there’s no customer service team between you and the people who manage your campaigns. You get a dedicated Paid Search Manager, this is the person managing your campaigns, talking to you on the phone and meeting you in person. But just to make sure you don’t lose out, the entire team gets involved in every account to make sure knowledge and ideas are always shared, so every client benefits.


It’s imperative that we fully understand your business and the industry that you operate in. We want to understand your unique selling points, the demand for your product or service, the seasonality behind it, your competitors and your customers. If you already have Paid Search campaigns, we will provide a detailed audit and analysis of your current campaigns unlike any other agency.


We take everything we have learned about your business and combine it with our knowledge and experience to create a bespoke and innovative Paid Search strategy and account structure that will deliver in excess of your expectations.

Optimisation and Performance

Once we’ve got all of the building blocks in place and your campaigns are up & running, the hard work really begins and we start to come into our element. We diligently use our agreed time to continually increase and improve all elements of your campaigns including Cost per Click, Click through Rate whilst reducing Cost per Acquisition and driving Return on Investment to new heights. We have developed hundreds of bespoke optimisations unknown to many agencies, many of which are inspired from the uniqueness of our clients.

Onsite Markup and Conversion Rate Optimisation

We can create the perfect Pay per Click Campaign and drive a substantial amount of quality traffic through it, but if your website is not in a position to receive this traffic to the right page and convert it, the whole exercise is pointless. That’s why our work isn’t restricted to just managing Paid Search we also provide expert technical analysis to improve your website in addition to Conversion Rate Optimisation. Before we go any further, it’s important to us that you understand that we DON’T class what we do as Search Engine Optimisation. Onsite HTML & markup is just a crucial part to creating an amazing Pay per Click Campaign, just as it for Search Engine Optimisation.

We will make technical onsite recommendations for your website that could also lead to an increase in organic rankings. But, our main drivers for these suggestions are to increase Quality Score, reduce Bounce Rate, improve Page Speed and increase conversions and ultimately increase your revenue. Our Conversion Rate Optimisation is based on detailed testing and analysis fused with our experience in delivering ongoing and improved results.

Reporting Work and Results

We don’t want your only interaction with us being a monthly report full of figures, we want you to know what work is being carried out, when and why. You get full access to all of your accounts and they will always remain your accounts. We tailor reporting to focus on your businesses key metrics and we’re happy to speak to you about them as often as you like.


Most agencies still work on the 10% or a minimum of £500 per month, the actual time spent working on your campaigns can vary wildly. We are probably the most affordable Pay per Click agency in the industry, so contact us now and find out how much more you get and how much you will save.

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