Analytics Consultancy

Analytics Consultancy

All the team at biddible. providing Analytics Consultancy are Analytics Qualified Individuals and data is at the core of everything we do. It doesn’t matter what service you require from us; Google Analytics will always be central to its success. We don’t just use Analytics to analyse the effectiveness of the PPC and SEO campaigns we create for you, we use it to fully understand every aspect of the user’s journey through your site, how they behave whilst visiting and how your website performs from a technical aspect.

In addition to being a key element in all our offered services, we also provide Google Analytics Consultancy as a singular service. Google Analytics can often seem like a complicated and daunting platform to understand, but with the help of our experienced professionals we can help guide you through the process. Understanding the data and using it to create a strategy and key actions that drive your business forward is essential to any digital marketing campaign.

We can work with you to improve your tracking and tagging through the implementation of Universal Analytics. This will help you to fully understand the demographics and behaviour of your customers. We are also able to help you get the most from an attribution model, moving away from the dated last click model. Our intelligent attribution models have helped our clients increase conversions across all of their digital channels, not just the ones managed by us.

Reporting and data collection can also be time consumer but with the help of biddible. you can cut down on the time spent collecting and collating information from Google Analytics by creating custom dashboards that help to deliver fast, accurate and quite often, real time information directly into your business.

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