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We’re honest in every aspect of PPC Agency work we undertake. From how much time it takes to manage your campaigns, to what work we are carrying out and even why we are doing that work.

As a PPC Agency, we want to forge strong long-term relationships with all our clients and we can only achieve this by being honest in every aspect of our work whether that makes for good or bad conversations. Due to the nature of our work, we are in control of our client’s hard earned marketing budget, whether that is £100 or £100,000 per month it doesn’t matter so we ensure you know how it is being spent every step of the way.


If we think we won’t be able to make a difference to your campaign, then we won’t take your money. We will never create unnecessary work or justify our costs. We carry out what is required from a PPC Agency to make sure our clients get the best possible results, sometimes even better! We record, justify and report everything we do so you can be confident in the transparency and success of our work.


We like to keep things simple – a spade is a spade. Paid Search can be complex enough without coining new terms or trying to look clever and bamboozle our clients. We are smart and so are our clients, but keeping things simple leaves less room for misunderstandings and allows more room for meaningful and constructive conversations about how to improve Paid Search Campaign and pushing your business to the next level.

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