Communication is Key

In addition to our experience and delivery, communication is one of our core strengths and of the utmost importance to the success of any Paid Search or SEO campaign. Our team have been involved with Paid Search for a long time and have a collective 27 years experience so we know that for most businesses, communication is quite often the reason why they are leaving their current agency.

Too often, a vague monthly report and 15 minute phone call once a month is all that is provided and that just isn’t good enough.

We’re not claiming to have re-invented the wheel in terms of communication either, but in the words of Bob Hoskins, ‘it’s good to talk’, and we’re happy to talk as much as you like!

Some of our clients like to talk once a month for an hour, some prefer twice a week for 10 minutes. Some of our clients don’t have very much time to talk at all. So regardless of how much time we have to discuss progress, we also use a well-known project management called Basecamp.

This system enables us to plan and record every task, strategy, optimisation and discussion. Our clients are never further than a click away from what is going on with their Paid Search campaigns. They can see when work is planned, when it is carried out as well as being provided with commentary on every change or addition we make.

So when it comes to communication, we prefer to over communicate and let our clients decide how much of that they want to consume and when. We just like our clients have information readily available, if they had to ask what was happening, we would consider that a failing of our service.

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