Newcastle Sixth Form

Newcastle Sixth Form Case Study

Newcastle Sixth form are a relatively new, but highly respected further education provider in North East England. With ambitious targets to hit concerning growth and student numbers, they contacted us do drive forward a step-change in their PPC performance.

Our mandate was clear, we were required to drive inbound traffic, enquires and leads, while keeping driving CPA down to a level that was financially viable for them going forward.

The existing search campaigns showed ads that were not engaging enough, Click through Rate (CTR) was lower than it could be and they were not making the best use of their existing audience.  In addition to this, a low conversion rate and a high average Cost per Click (CPC) was resulting in a Cost per Acquisition (CPA) of £65.86, well over the target of £50.

We worked closely with the team at Newcastle Sixth Form to help create optimal landing pages, optimise bids and budgets in line with their marketing calendar and adapt ads to be more engaging through testing engaging ad copy designed to target both the intentions of prospective students and their parents and decision influencers. As this is not an instant conversion process, we also utilised remarketing to ensure the message was being reinforced during the decision making process.

To date, we we have constantly optimised performance, managed the balance between traffic, conversions and bids to ensure we were driving awareness and exposure, driving traffic up and CPC/CPA down, while maximising leads & enquiries coming through the website.


Cost per Click


Leads Generated


Cost per Acquisition

How did our work help?

  • 179% increase in traffic to the site
  • 42% decrease in CPC
  • 17% increase in impressions
  • 138% increase in CTR (2.59 to 6.19)
  • 330% increase in leads generated
  • 62% reduction in CPA



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