Fairstone Financial Case Study

Fairstone Financial are the UK’s largest Chartered Financial Planning firm providing holistic advice and solutions in order to address all of your financial needs.

Our mandate was to grow the amount of financial services leads generated in key areas of the UK, with the overriding challenge of reducing the cost per acquisition in an industry with ever increasing cost per clicks.

To date, we have reduced the cost per acquisition by 37.93% which has been fuelled by an intelligent bidding strategy which has reduced cost per click by 40.58%. The upshot of these metrics is the overall increase in leads of 674%.

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What did our client think?

“Having worked for many years with other Paid Search agencies, Biddible came to us with a completely new approach to what had become the norm. They completely changed our attitudes to Paid search advertising and improved the efficiency and performance of our campaigns substantially in the first 2 months of our working together. Since the start of our partnership Biddible have always been keen to educate our staff on the do’s and don’ts of paid search whereas other agencies seemed to want us to believe that it was all ‘above our intellect’. This is a refreshing approach and the reason why we trust the Biddible team like they are one of our own.”
Gavin Green, Head of Business Solutions

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