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Everything Branded USA Case Study

Everything Branded are an established firm in the UK that offer quality promotional items for businesses around the world. They work with a number of household names including Asda, Samsung, ITV, NHS and Tetley to name just a few!

Having spent the past 18 months improving the performance of the UK PPC campaigns with great success, the Everything Branded team wanted to launch a USA website and rather than partner with a USA Agency utilised our experience of delivering results state-side.

We were presented with a business plan for growth and a CPA target so they could grow this new side to their business sensibly over a 6 month trial period with the target of breaking profit by month 6. The budget for this account was to begin modest whilst we achieved profitability.

Due to the amount of products available (over 36,000) we decided to begin with Google Shopping and first had to revist the feed and make sure we amended any subtle changes in language to American English.

We created a robust shopping structure within AdWords that enabled us to control budgets by core categories, preferred brands & suppliers and a Low Bids, Catch All campaign.

Utilising our in-house technology we were quickly able to determine areas of waste and growth which made optimising much smoother and quicker, which ultimately led to a more efficient account. Once we had collected enough data, we were able to begin splitting out top selling products to grow the account more effectively.

Since our launch into the USA we have delivered a CPA 16% under target from a standing start, starting with 253 conversions in month 1 and growing to over 1,000 conversions by month 5, an increase of 424%. This has resulted in helping Everything Branded more than quadruple the anticpated turnover whilst achiveing profitability from month 1.

In addition to our work, our constant client communication has resulted in us understanding the needs and goals of Everything Branded and established a great working relationship.

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What did our client think?

“The biddible team aren’t like a normal agency, they are available late into the evenings and weekends. The communication is great and so are the results. They have become a valued partner to Everything Branded.”
Paul Rowlett, Managing Director

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