Breathing Space

Breathing Space Case Study

Breathing Space provide specially selected dehumidifiers, portable air conditioners and air purifiers designed to give their customers a more comfortable environment to live, breathe and work in.

Our mandate was to reduce the escalating AdWords costs for Breathing Space whilst attempting to maintain the same level of ROI.

The account was already well structured when biddible. took over so did not need to carry out a complete rebuild. We were able to use our wealth of experience to immediately reduce the AdWords costs and improve the ROI. Initially this meant a slightly lower revenue, but by month 3 we started to generate more revenue despite consistently spending less.

To date, we have generated a year on year increase in revenue of 8% whilst reducing the AdWords costs by 28%. Despite AdWords costs remaining low, we continue to increase revenue on a monthly basis.

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What did our client think?

“Over the last 15 years we have entrusted our paid search campaign management to numerous experts with little or no real success. After years of hopping from one company to another we were beginning to think that there was no one who would look after our account with the care and attention to detail that we expected. Any time we appointed a new agency to handle our account the story would be the same, a brief flurry of activity, followed by a period of ever diminishing contact from them, and most importantly virtually no improvement whatsoever.

A trusted colleague recommended we contact Biddible Media as they themselves had been highly impressed with their services. After meeting with Biddible we were sufficiently enough impressed to hand the reigns over to him for an initial period and it has been a breath of fresh air. In the last six months since Biddible began managing our campaigns our monthly Adwords spend has decreased and our ROI has improved dramatically. We receive regular updates from them explaining how the account is performing and with comparisons to previous years, which is comforting. All in all I am delighted to have Biddible Media looking after our campaigns, they genuinely care about our success and have restored our faith in the benefits of outsourcing our accounts again!”
David Watt, Managing Director

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